Vows…Promises…Oaths… We’ve all made them in some form or another. Some were at a church to the one we love and some where said outlaid as we hovered over a toilet while we swore the next morning, “I’ll NEVER do that again…” But some of our vows…well…they’re different. They’re unspoken. Hidden deep inside. They’re the vows that drive us…for good or for bad… They’re the promises we made to ourselves…after being hurt… wounded…and shamed.

Questions from this weeks episode of Wake Up Call with Jordan Terrell

What vows have you made in your life that you’re proud of? What unspoken vows have you made that have the potential to train wreck your life? How are the vows showing up in every area of your life?

Read Isaiah 55:8-9. What would life look like without God? What does life look like with God?

Action Step: Read Psalm 37:5-6. Honestly look at the spoken and unspoken vows that you’ve made in your life. What next step can you take today to allow God into that part of your life to bring the renewal He promises in this verse?

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