5 Ways to write a powerful TEDx talk

[dropcap]G[/dropcap]iving a TED talk is a powerful opportunity to impact the world around you and create a connection with others about what you’re passionate about.

Here are five ways to get started on crafting your message:

Talk about what you’re passionate about. What keeps you up at night? What does the audience need to know and why do they need to know it? Always choose to speak from your heart about what matters most to you. People will always know if your being genuine.

Keep it simple. Think about your talk as a tweet – what is your main point in 140 characters or less. Build everything around that simple idea (your slides, jokes, stories – they should all connect to that point). The more you say, the less people will remember.

Memorize your message. It’s okay to bring an outline up, but whenever someone speaks about something they are passionate about they don’t say, “I would love to tell you more, but first I need to get my notes out.”

Tell more stories. People will remember the stories you share to illustrate your point more than anything else. Tell a story and make a point. Stories stick with the audience.

Start with a spark. You have 8 seconds to connect with the audience. Start off with a powerful opening remark, story or quote. Jump right in and start taking the audience on a journey with you.



What’s your favorite tip for giving a powerful presentation? 


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Written by Justin Morgan